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We are among the best knitting industries of Bangladesh and manufacture the best quality Garments for our clients. Over the years our quality products and reputation have created a strong business relation with the world’s famous clothing brands.


We use the latest technology and environment friendly production process to deliver the best quality to our clients. Our units are:

we have a large circular knitting unit having 110 machines with 20GG, 24GG, 28GG cylinder and optimum attachment to produce all types of weft knitted fabric. Machines are Fukuhara, Fukuhama and Jiunn long baranded. We also have 28 machines with open width take down and 05 engineering striper machine. List of machines with diameter as bellow:

Sl. Machine Dia Guage Origin Nos
1 S/J 32″ 24/28 Taiwan 01
2 S/J 34″ 24 Taiwan 03
3 S/J 36″ 24/28 Taiwan 04
4 S/J 38″ 24 Taiwan 04
5 S/J 40″ 24 Taiwan 03
6 S/J 42″ 24 Taiwan 01
        Total 28

We have computerized flat knit machines branded around star, kauo heng, Jy lee having jaquarded option to produce different types of collar, Cuff and Bottoms.

We have a narrow fabric unit to produce better quality accessories of garments like twill tape, dusting etc.

We have a well equity quality control unit to product the best quality for our customers.


Total Machine : 28 Sets
Floor Space      : 23,231 S.Ft
Total Capacity : 10,000 Kgs/Day
Manpower        : 60 Personnel